het Geslacht De Pauw

First Aired: January 20th 2004
Status: Ended
Runtime: 35 minutes
ComedyCelebrity lifeFamilySatireMockumentary

Het Geslacht De Pauw follows Bart De Pauw and his family in their daily activities. To create the illusion that it was a real reality show, the characters have the same name as the actors who play them. There are also often references to the real world of the actors. Bart De Pauw for example, refers to programs that he once made and refers to Aspe, the detective series in which the actress Maaike (the wife in the series of Bart De Pauw) also plays performed. As the series progresses, and especially in the second season, the situations in which the family De Pauw end up become increasingly more insane and less credible.
Bart De Pauw
Benny Claessens
Josée Van Causbroeck
Maaike Cafmeyer
Tine Van Den Wijngaert
Tom Waes



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