XIII (2011)

First Aired: April 20th 2011
Status: Continuing
Runtime: 60 minutes
Action and adventureDramaCrimeMysteryThriller

Hunted by a dark anti-government organization, XIII quickly realizes that the closer he gets to uncovering the riddle of his past life, the more complex and deadly his mission becomes. Alongside Townsend, XIII stars Aisha Tyler as Jones, a top CIA operator, Virginie Ledoyen as Irina, a mercenary hired by the former U.S. President to track XIII, and Caterina Murino as Sam, XIII's trustworthy ally and love interest. The cast is rounded out by Greg Bryk as Amos, a national security officer, Stephen McHattie as President Carrington and Ted Atherton as Wally Sheridan, the former U.S. President and a possible traitor. Tom Berenger guest stars as Gerhardt, a mysterious European industrialist who wields power from the shadows.
Aisha Tyler
Caterina Murino
Greg Bryk
Paulino Nunes
Stephen McHattie
Stuart Townsend
Virginie Ledoyen