The Tournament

First Aired: January 1st 2005
Status: Ended
Runtime: 30 minutes

Tantrums. Cheap Shots. Scoring. And that's just the parents. Welcome to the small town of Briarside, home the Farqueson's Funeral Home Warriors - an underdog Atom team whose players are all heart and whose parents are all headaches. It turns out every kid's mom or dad is a potential "weakest link" - whether it be Barry McConnell, who shops his scoring-champ son Robbie to other teams, and counts his son's future pro salary against his investment in him or obsessive team sponser Aurora Farqueson, whose tomboy daughter Denim is living her mom's vicarious fantasy between the pipes for the Warriors. The children, meanwhile, have their own issues to deal with. The Tournament follows the Warriors, an Atom hockey team on the road to a prestigious tournament in Chateauguay, Quebec. The new 6-part series breaks our national sport into its purest components, with wit and a looseness of style that speaks to everyone to ever skated on his or her ankles.
Alain Goulem
Annie Bovaird
Cas Anvar
Christian Potenza
Dean McDermott
Kate Greenhouse
Louis Philippe Dandenault
Martin Huismans


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