The Survivors

First Aired: September 1st 1969
Status: Ended
Runtime: 60 minutes

The actual title of this show was "Harold Robbins' The Survivors," as it was created by the pop fiction writer. The show concerned the wealthy Carlisle family, owners of a large private bank in Manhattan. Patriarch Baylor Carlisle (Ralph Bellamy) did his best to interfere in his grown children's lives while conducting an affair with his secretary Belle (Diana Muldaur, who would later score as Rosalind Shays on "LA Law"). Film legend Lana Turner's movie career had dried up, and she appeared as daughter Tracy. George Hamilton played her playboy brother Duncan. A young and studly Jan-Michael Vincent played Tracy's college-age son. This expensively produced prime-time soap was a dud in the ratings and was canceled after 13 weeks. To tie up the on-going plotlines, the missing matriarch of the family was released from her mental institution. Natalie Shafer, in a dramatic riff on her "Gilligan's Island" character, played the unbalanced Eleanor Carlisle with hammy bravado. If "The Sur
Clu Gulager
Diana Muldaur
Donna Baccala
George Hamilton
Jan-Michael Vincent
Katherine Cannon
Kevin McCarthy
Lana Turner


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