The Phantom

First Aired: June 20th 2010
Status: Ended
Runtime: 120 minutes
Action and adventureMini-seriesScience-fiction

Young Kit Walker finds himself recruited by a secret organization, unveiling a heritage he never could have dreamed possible. Revered as the twenty-second "ghost who walks," he must now uphold and honor his ancestors' creed - to fight crime and injustice throughout the world.
Cameron Goodman
Cas Anvar
Isabella Rossellini
Jean Marchand
Ryan Carnes
Sandrine Holt



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December 1st 2010 Rated by Elitewesz.
November 29th 2010 Rated by JordyO.
November 28th 2010 Rated by M4tt1.
November 28th 2010 Series added by M4tt1.
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Elitewesz Production 70% | Writing 70% | Acting 70%
JordyO Production 40% | Writing 50% | Acting 20%
M4tt1 Production 80% | Writing 90% | Acting 90%
Administrator Production 80% | Writing 80% | Acting 80%
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