The Net

First Aired: July 19th 1998
Status: Ended
Runtime: 45 minutes
Action and adventureDramaScience-fiction

This show is based on the box office film in 1998 'The Net'. After Angela Bennett a computer expert opens an unexpected email she is then thrown in to a world of terrorism, drugs and money. The terrorists are called the praetorians everything they do is build around the computer age. So the only way that Angela Bennett can fight back is through her computer but with her Identity stolen and a new one created she is wanted by the government and as one of the top 10 wanted by the FBI she is also on the run. If the praetorians catch her they will kill her. So with the help of an unknown person called the sorcerer the only way she can win is to stop what the praetorians are doing and get her identity back.
Brooke Langton
Eric Szmanda
Jim Byrnes
Joseph Bottoms
Kelli Taylor
Mackenzie Gray
Tim Curry



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