The Eagle: A Crime Odyssey

First Aired: October 10th 2004
Status: Ended
Runtime: 60 minutes

As international terrorism and organised crime become more and more intertwined, Western nations find themselves increasingly threatened by violence and lawlessness on an unimaginable scale. In Denmark, a special unit is set up to fight cross-border crime throughout Scandinavia and to establish operational links with similar teams around the world. In Copenhagen, charismatic detective Hallgrim Hallgrimsson (Jens Albinus) assembles a team of crime fighters equipped with the most advanced technology and high-tech weapons. Called "The Eagle" for his unerring intuition, Hallgrimsson exudes competence and self-assurance; but behind the dynamic facade is a tormented personality...
David Owe
Ghita N?Marina Bouras
Ghita Nørby
Janus Bakrawi
Jens Albinus
Marina Bouras
Steen Stig Lommer
Susan A. Olsen



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August 27th 2010 Genre added by Administrator.
August 27th 2010 Genre added by Administrator.
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Administrator Production 70% | Writing 90% | Acting 80%
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