The Chicago Code

First Aired: February 7th 2011
Status: Ended (Canceled)
Runtime: 60 minutes
DramaCrimeDetectivePolice procedural

Jarek Wysocki is a local legend and larger-than-life veteran of the Chicago Police Department. Like the city of Chicago, Jarek is razor blades and brass knuckles wrapped in politeness and egoless charm - a man who throws away partners the way others throw away tissues. Teresa Colvin arrived at the pinnacle of the Chicago Police Department in a short period of time. She's determined to implement changes before the mud that is Chicago politics clogs her office. As a result of Teresa's difficult choices, she has made some powerful enemies along the way, including two street gangs, the police officers' union and a city alderman who proves to be a dangerous adversary.
Billy Lush
Delroy Lindo
Devin Kelley
Jason Clarke
Jennifer Beals
Matt Lauria
Todd Williams