First Aired: March 1st 2001
Status: Ended
Runtime: 60 minutes
ComedyHigh schoolCorporate environment

Teachers was a highly successful Channel 4 comedy about a group of immature teachers working in Summerdown School, in Bristol. Their expert subjects included ineptness with the opposite sex, beer drinking, and kebab eating. Teachers began in 2001 and in 2003 became the only Channel 4 series to have a third series. In 2004 it broke its own record with a fourth series airing. Unfortunately, in January 2005 Channel 4 producers announced that Teachers had run its course and would not be returning for a fifth series. Teachers main characters were: Simon: The English teacher with girlfriend problems and poor teaching skills; Susan: The Maths teacher - everyone's friend and always on hand for some sound advice. Jenny: The authoritarian English teacher who disapproves of Simon and has a sharp tongue; Brian and Kurt: The two inseperable PE and Computers teachers who provided the show's comic relief through insane stunts and behavior.
Adrian Bower
Andrew Lincoln
Daon Broni
Ellen Thomas
Gillian Bevan
James Lance
Lee Williams
Lloyd McGuire



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