First Aired: April 1st 1975
Status: Ended
Runtime: 50 minutes

When a genetically engineered virus kills ninety-five percent of the world's population, the survivors must rebuild humanity in the face of overwhelming odds. "Survivors" is a study of man vs. nature and man vs. man in an attempt to reclaim an unrelenting world. The opening episodes were first broadcast on BBC1 in April 1975 and immediately grabbed the attention and interest of the viewing public. In essence, the series concerns the aftermath of a plague which had wiped out over 99% of the world's population and the experiences of a group of individuals in England as they grappled with the post-plague world and the trials of day-to-day survival. Since its original broadcast the series has gained a cult following, cemented by DVD releases.
Angie Stevens
Anna Pitt
Annie Irving
Carolyn Seymour
Delia Paton
Dennis Lill
Edward Underdown
Eileen Helsby



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