North and South

First Aired: November 3rd 1985
Status: Ended
Runtime: 85 minutes
DramaMini-seriesWarHistoric events

Based on John Jakes' novels "North and South", "Love and War" and "Heaven and Hell" and featuring more than 20 veteran and contemporary Hollywood stars, this saga chronicles a nation divided and two dynasties - the Hazards of Pennsylvania and the Mains of South Carolina - caught on opposite sides when the Civil War erupts in May 1861. As war is raged on one battlefield after another, lives on the home front drastically change. The hatred, prejudice and greed that tear the fabric of a nation, also threatens the very foundation of love and friendship between these two families.
David Carradine
Genie Francis
James Read
Jonathan Frakes
Kirstie Alley
Lesley-Ann Down
Patrick Swayze
Terri Garber