Monkey Dust

First Aired: February 1st 2003
Status: Ended
Runtime: 30 minutes

A cutting edge comedy animation painting a fabulously warped satirical view of Britain ... Welcome to your very own urban nightmare - a nocturnal world populated by the sad, the lonely and the emotionally crippled on the wrong side of sunlight. Its' satirical targets range across the whole spectrum of Cruel Britannia from dysfunctional families to heartless government departments.
Brian Bowles
Enn Reitel
Kate Robbins
Kulvinder Ghir
Morwenna Banks
Peter Dickson
Rebecca Front
Simon Greenall



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December 19th 2010 Rated by Sp0rting.
November 30th 2010 Rated by jpgr.
July 19th 2010 Genre rating added by Christof.
July 19th 2010 Genre added by Christof.
July 18th 2010 Rated by Corrosion.
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Sp0rting Production 60% | Writing 50% | Acting 60%
jpgr Production 30% | Writing 30% | Acting 30%
Corrosion Production 80% | Writing 80% | Acting 80%
Administrator Production 80% | Writing 80% | Acting 80%
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