Miami Slice

First Aired: September 1st 2004
Status: Ended
Runtime: 60 minutes

Welcome to the Miami Slice guide at TV Tome! Miami Slice is a fast-moving and glossy six-episode docudrama series that gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look inside the personal and professional lives of five of Miami's most skilled practitioners of Plastic Surgery. Miami has become Plastic Surgery Central, rivaling Beverly Hills in the body beautiful stakes. This sprawling, sub-tropical, multi-cultural city on the Southeastern tip of Florida has become the crossroads where gorgeous people with deep tans and the bare minimum of clothing intersect with the wealthy and powerful inhabitants of South Beach, Coconut Grove, Star Island and the many other world-famous rich enclaves and gated communities of this glitzy and glamorous world. In Miami, the thin line between image and reality, between natural and man-made, has been blurred by the consummate skills of these plastic surgeons, who have become celebrities in their own right. Miami Slice follows these plastic sur
Dr. Ary Krau
Dr. Constantino Mendieta
Dr. Howell Tiller
Dr. Jhonnt Salomon
Dr. Leonard Hochstein


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