Met man en macht

First Aired: January 28th 2013
Status: Continuing
Runtime: 55 minutes

Gaston Van Opstal has been mayor of Ransegem, a small town in Flanders, for the past seventeen years. He leads his town as a perfect leader of people. But then disaster strikes. Six months before the local election, the town is roughly awakened and the inhabitants are dragged into political life. The municipal politics changes from dormant obviousness into a ruthless election campaign. Choices need to be made between family and career, between self-interest and community interest. Because what happens when people's ambition exceeds their intellect?
Alice Reys
Els Laenen
Goedele Derick
Jan Decleir
Josse De Pauw
Koen De Graeve
Lucas Van den Eynde
Natali Broods



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June 18th 2016 Rated by Christof.
February 23rd 2014 Rated by Satangel.
January 31st 2013 Genre rating added by Administrator.
January 31st 2013 Genre added by Administrator.
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Christof Production 70% | Writing 90% | Acting 90%
Satangel Production 40% | Writing 90% | Acting 90%
Administrator Production 90% | Writing 90% | Acting 90%
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