Keeping Up Appearances

First Aired: October 1st 1990
Status: Ended
Runtime: 30 minutes

Keeping Up Appearances was one of the best and most popular British sitcoms, or 'Britcoms,' of all time. Patricia Routledge played Hyacinth Bucket, a woman who pretended to be upper-class but wasn't. To side herself with Britain's top ten percent, Hyacinth insisted her surname be pronounced "bouquet." Her attention to cleanliness, candlelight suppers, and desire to sing gave pain to her husband Richard and her neighbors. Hyacinth, who once wrote a book of "Etiquette for the Socially Less-Fortunate," wanted to give her skills to anyone she met: the vicar, the postman, the milkman. She shuddered to think of her poor father, living in a run-down house with her sister Daisy and her bare-armed husband, Onslow. Generally, though, the likes of Daisy and Onslow would weigh out, while Hyacinth bowed out.
Anna Dawson
Clive Swift
David Griffin
Geoffrey Hughes
George Web
Jeremy Gittins
John Evitts
Josephine Tewson



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