Just a Gigolo

First Aired: April 1st 1993
Status: Ended
Runtime: 30 minutes

Welcome to the Just a Gigolo guide at TV Tome. "Nick Brim resigns from his job as a comprehensive-school teacher and falls, accidentally, into a new career when a middle-aged woman, Marge Payne, mistakes him for her paid escort and gives him £100 for his troubles. Nick becomes a reluctant and most definitely virginal but nonetheless successful gigolo, donning the dinner-jacket, black bow tie, shiny shoes and cuff-links to step out on the town with those who require his services. It certainly brings in the money, and he needs it, having to pay the rent on the flat he shares with his brother Simon, who has been made redundant from his job. Simon duly encourages his sibling's new career”until, eventually, Nick joins an agency”but all this proves problematic to Nick who lusts after a beautiful woman, Natalie, and has to prevent her from finding out how he earns his income." (BBC Comedy Guide)


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