John Doe

First Aired: September 1st 2002
Status: Ended
Runtime: 60 minutes

The series is about the life of John Doe, a mysterious man who rises from the primordial waters of an isolated island, possessing knowledge of literally everything in the world, yet having no memory of who - or even what - he is. Doe quickly finds his way to Seattle, where he befriends the police and uses his special gift to help them solve "impossible" crimes each week, while continuing his unending quest to uncover who he is and where he came from. Despite his considerable charm, Doe is an emotional island unto himself. Want to know the population of Peru in 1853? How many blue cars there are in the state of Washington? Or better yet, predict which horse will win every race at the track based on knowing all the variables? Doe has all the answers. But what is he like? Family man or loner? Hero or villain? What is truly in his soul? In his search to unlock the key to his past, He may be a government agent, an extra-terrestrial or perhaps just a regular guy.
Dominic Purcell
Jayne Brook
John Marshall Jones
Sprague Grayden
William Forsythe



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