Hoshi no Kirby

First Aired: October 1st 2001
Status: Ended
Runtime: 25 minutes

Welcome to the Hoshi no Kirby guide at TV Tome. It's me, Wackoman.EXE! Mwahaha. I will get a picture from the episodes very soon. As you probably don't know, Hoshi no Kirby is the Kirby show in Japan. (also known as Kirby Right Back At Ya in North America) It is much better than the one in America. Hoshi no Kirby has some really good parts. But when it comes to America, the dub all the good stuff out and make it for a younger audience. Well, in the episode guide, I will only post episodes that have been shown in Jappan only! What I mean is, there are some episodes of Kirby that don't make it to North America. I will only post ones that didn't make it. I might later on, post the Japanese names of the episodes shown in America. If you would like to know what time this show comes on in America, please look below. If you are planning to watch it in America, go somewhere else.
Makiko Omoto


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