Hellsing Ultimate

First Aired: February 10th 2006
Status: Ended
Runtime: 50 minutes
Action and adventureAnimationAnimeHorrorVampires

Operating in modern-day London, the Hellsing Organization is dedicated of ridding England of the scourge of vampires. However, the principle weapon of this organization just happens to be a vampire himself - Alucard, who serves the organization`s young leader, the iron-willed woman Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing, as well as Alucard`s new apprentice, a young vampire woman named Seras Victoria. Lately, a rash of artificially-created vampires has taken the organization by surprise. As it turns out, a neo-Nazi society known as the Millennium Order is responsible for creating these vampires. Their sole purpose... to achieve what Nazi Germany couldn`t do over 60 years ago with human soldiers... the total conquest of the world!
Crispin Freeman
Fumiko Orikasa
Gildart Jackson
Jôji Nakata
K.T. Gray
Steven Brand
Victoria Harwood
Yoshiko Sakakibara