First Aired: September 8th 2010
Status: Continuing
Runtime: 60 minutes

Marti Perkins' plan was to get through Lancer University on her scholarship, go to law school, and leave Memphis and her hard-drinking mother behind to start a new life as an attorney. Instead, Marti's scholarship gets cancelled and her mother "forgets" to tell her. Out of options, Marti finds herself fighting for a spot on the Hellcats -- Lancer's legendary cheer squad -- and for the scholarship that comes with it. The squad needs a new member when the beautiful Alice Verdura is injured, and Marti's fierce style, soulful moves and gymnastic elegance win her a place on the team, despite an ugly encounter with Savannah Monroe, a petite and peppy Texan who ends up being Marti's new roommate. Marti instantly hits it off with her new squad partner, the charming and extremely athletic Lewis Flynn, and their budding friendship causes alarm bells to go off for Lewis' ex, Alice, as well as Marti's long-time friend, Dan Patch. Overseeing all the practices and personal drama is former Hellcats star and current coach Vanessa Lodge, whose job is on the line unless the squad wins the upcoming nationals. Just like Marti, Vanessa's future is riding on the Hellcats ascending to the very top of the fiercely competitive world of college cheerleading.
Alyson Michalka
Ashley Tisdale
D.B. Woodside
Gail O'Grady
Gale Harold
Heather Hemmens
Matt Barr
Robbie Jones

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