France Five

First Aired: April 21st 2012
Status: Ended
Runtime: 30 minutes
Action and adventureChildrenScience-fiction

France Five (フランスファイブ Furansu Faibu?), originally titled Jūshi Sentai France Five (銃士戦隊フランスファイブ Jūshi Sentai Furansu Faibu?, translated as Musketeers Squadron France Five) and later known as Shin Kenjūshi France Five (新剣銃士フランスファイブ Shin Kenjūshi Furansu Faibu?, translated as New Sword Musketeers France Five), is a French series produced by Buki X-4 Productions in the 2000s. It is an homage to Toei's ever-popular Super Sentai series, which was extremely popular in France in the 1980s. There have been four half-hour episodes of France Five made, with a fifth (supposedly the conclusion) underway. The fifth and final episode will be aired on May the 5th of 2012 (5/5/2012) during a projection in Paris, and in June for Japan and the French Television, Nolife, created by the creators of France Five. As a nod to Super Sentai titles having certain motifs, France Five has each member themed after certain aspects of French culture.



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