First Aired: September 20th 2002
Status: Ended
Runtime: 60 minutes

In the distant future, Captain Malcolm 'Mal' Reynolds is a renegade former brown-coat Sargent now turned smuggler/rogue who is the commander of a small spacecraft with a loyal hand-picked crew made up of first mate Zoe Warren; pilot Hoban 'Wash' Washburn; gung-ho grunt Jayne Cobb; engineer Kaylee Frye; fugitives Doctor Simon Tam and his psychic sister River, where they travel the far reaches of space in search of food, money, and anything to live off on.
Adam Baldwin
Alan Tudyk
Christina Hendricks
Gina Torres
Jewel Staite
Morena Baccarin
Nathan Fillion
Ron Glass

Firefly Episode 2 Train Job