Digimon: Digital Monsters

First Aired: August 1st 1999
Status: Ended
Runtime: 30 minutes
AnimationAction and adventureChildrenComradeshipAnime

"Digimon" are "Digital Monsters". According to the stories, they are inhabitants of the "Digital World", a manifestation of Earth's communication network. The stories tell of a group of mostly pre-teens, the "Chosen Children" (DigiDestined in the English version), who accompany special Digimon born to defend their world (and ours) from various evil forces. To help them surmount the most difficult obstacles found within both realms, the Digimon have the ability to evolve (Digivolve). In this process, the Digimon change appearance and become much stronger, often changing in personality as well. The group of children who come in contact with the Digital World changes from season to season.
Ai Maeda
Anna Garduno
Brianne Siddall
Chika Sakamoto
Imai Yuka
Ishige Sawa
Jeff Nimoy
Joshua Seth