Cowboy 101

First Aired: October 1st 2004
Status: Ended
Runtime: 30 minutes

Cowboy 101 is a new 13-part reality show for OLN (the Outdoor Life Network) that follows a team of undergraduate rodeo cowboys through the fall semester at a small university in west Texas. This is right in the heart of 'cowboy country' and these kids have to 'cowboy up' and show they can rodeo just as well as the big schools in the NIRA, the National Interregional Rodeo Association. While hundreds of universities across the US now have rodeo teams, this little west Texas college is where college rodeo first began, so the kids have a lot to prove.
Alex Muratori
Cassie DeLapena
Haley Gilliland
Michael McCorkle
Mike Smith
Russell Sperry


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