Complete Savages

First Aired: September 1st 2004
Status: Ended
Runtime: 30 minutes

The Savages are not your typical average wholesome family. When you just have a father whose motto is "Anything Goes" and five immature children in one house with just themselves everyday, the odds of them being a normal bunch are one in a million. Complete Savages shows just what happens when you have a household full of average men and no women around to tell them how they should act. The Father Nick Savage (Keith Carradine) is a single father raising his five sons who do nothing but mayhem and stress into his life. He does his best to teach the boys the value of life and how to take responsibility for their own lives. However, no matter how much he teaches them, this firefighter almost always ends up putting out the fire in his own home. The Boys Sam Savage (Andrew Eiden) is the "good one" of the boys. He does well in school; he does not get into any "real" trouble and always takes responsibility for himself. Although these are admirable qualities, they ofte
Andrew Eiden
Autumn Reeser
Erik Von Detten
Evan Ellingson
Jason Dolley
Keith Carradine
Shaun Sipos
Vincent Ventresca



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