Burn Notice

First Aired: June 28th 2007
Status: Continuing
Runtime: 60 minutes
Action and adventureMysteryCrimeDetectiveRomanceThrillerSpies

Secret agent Michael Westen just received a burn notice - a statement that a spy is unreliable and has been effectively fired - for unknown reasons. Now, Westen must find out who issued the notice and why they did it without being able to use the resources and contacts he once had at his disposal. He has spent the previous decade working for the government in Eastern Europe and returns to his hometown of Miami to get his life in order. Michael will stop at nothing to find out why. Shut out from his normal contacts, but still driven to right wrongs, Michael needs to stay under the radar in order to stay in the game.
Alex Carter
Ben Shenkman
Bruce Campbell
Chris Vance
Gabrielle Anwar
Jay Karnes
Jeffrey Donovan
Michael Shanks

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