Buiten de Zone

First Aired: June 3rd 1994
Status: Ended
Runtime: 30 minutes

'Buiten de Zone' is set at a telephone exchange, run by five volunteers, who try to answer the telephone calls from people of their own age. They don't get many calls however, which lets them get carried away by their daydreams about all sorts of important things, like adventure, danger, fear, seduction and love, nostalgia, goodbyes and, of course, eternal life. 'The Famous Five' of the 'Jongerenfoon' are the romantic, dreamy Raf, impulsive Robin, the realistic and even a bit cynical Ubi, the spontaneous but inconsistent Roxanne and the idealistic and naive Merel.
Bart De Pauw
Danny Timmermans
Elise Bundervoet
Mathias Sercu
Reinhilde Van Driel


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