First Aired: July 1st 1984
Status: Ended
Runtime: 30 minutes

Lou, Joe, and Cliff Waters are three brothers living in south Philadelphia. The older brothers receive the shock of their lives when youngest brother Cliff runs away from the altar on what is supposed to be his wedding day. His reason: he's gay. Lou is the oldest and a construction worker. He insists that someone talked Cliff into being a homosexual. Middle brother Joe is a former pro football player who runs a restaurant, is overprotective of teenage daughter Penny, and tries to maintain peace between his two brothers. Cliff is the youngest brother. He frequently finds himself in arguments with his brothers and with his best friend, flamboyantly gay writer/editor Donald Maltby.
Brandon Maggart
Gale Gordon
Hallie Todd
Mary Ann Pascal
Paul Regina
Philip Charles MacKenzie
Robert Sweeney
Robert Walden


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July 19th 2010 Series added by Administrator.
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