Absolute Boyfriend

First Aired: April 8th 2012
Status: Ended
Runtime: 1 minutes

Guan Xiao Fei has never had a boyfriend and has been rejected by every guy who she ever confessed to. When she returns a lost cell phone to a strange salesman, she mentions wanting a boyfriend. To show his gratitude to her, the salesman named Lei Wu Wu gives her his business card and tells her to go to his company's website, Kronos Heaven. At the Darling Store section of the site, Xiao Fei could create her own customized absolutely perfect lover. Having fun with the idea and not realizing what it really means, she sets her preferences and makes an order, intending to keep it for the free 2-day trial and then return it. The next day, she is shocked when her new lover arrives. Following the instructions, she kisses him to activate him and later gives him the name "Nai Te" (taken from the model name Nightly 01). Just after exactly 48 hours has passed, the salesman appears at her door to inform her that she did not return the product within the 48-hour trial period. Therefore, Xiao Fei must pay 100,000,000 NTD for Nai Te, which is already a generous 70% off discount since she is the first buyer of the product. Later, as Xiao Fei struggles with finding part-time work, Lei Wu Wu is able to negotiate a deal with his company. The fee would be written-off if she helps them to collect data about how women think and feel to help perfect future models. The only other condition is that she will have to keep Nai Te's identity a secret. If she accidentally says it, then she would have to pay the fee. Xiao Fei must now hide Nai Te's true nature from everyone. She soon finds herself in a love triangle between Nai Te and her childhood friend Zong Shi when he confesses his feelings for her. As Xiao Fei spends more time with Nai Te, Nai Te starts to develop real human emotions, which allows him to truly love Xiao Fei. Who will Xiao Fei choose as her absolute boyfriend?


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