Initial D: Second Stage

First Aired: October 15th 1999
Status: Ended
Runtime: 25 minutes
AnimationSportsAction and adventureAnime

The hero meets new formidable foes. Though they were vanquished in previous races, they have come back in great form. They combat in unfamiliar terrain, the hero has to apply the prowess he learned from his father to overcome his opponents.



Season 2

1Act. 1: Super Weapon Appears                                         More info
2 Act. 2: LanEvo Corps. Attack Akina!                                         More info
3Act. 3: Premonition of Defeat                                         More info
4Act. 4: Cold Victory                                         More info
5Act. 5: Countdown to Destruction                                         More info
6Act. 6: Goodbye Eight-Six                                         More info
7Act. 7: Battle on Akagi                                         More info
8 Act. 8: This Car is Vicious                                         More info
9Act. 9: The New Eight-Six is Born                                         More info
10 Act. 10: The Eight-Six Turbo Makes a Challenge                                         More info
11Act. 11: The Seal Has Been Removed                                         More info
12Act. 12: Eight-Six vs. Eight-Six. The Battle of Their Souls                                         More info
13Act. 13: In the Changing Seasons                                         More info
14Act 14: Extra Stage                                         More info

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