In Plain Sight

First Aired: June 1st 2008
Status: Continuing
Runtime: 45 minutes
Action and adventureDramaCrime

In Plain Sight follows the story of a Federal Marshall with the Witness Protection program who must hide her high-risk, high-impact job from her family. To those that know her, Mary Shannon is a glorified meter maid, but her real job is much more dangerous. She must oversee federal witnesses who have been relocated through the Witness Protection program and make sure that they stay safe....
Cristián de la Fuente
Frederick Weller
Lesley Ann Warren
Mary McCormack
Nichole Hiltz
Paul Ben-Victor
Todd Williams

Scene From Plain Sight Priest Walks Bar 6 30 Season Finale
Scene From Plain Sight Priest Walks Bar 6 30 Season Finale
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Season 5

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