I'm the Law

First Aired: February 23rd 1953
Status: Ended
Runtime: 30 minutes
Action and adventure

Geroge Raft plays a NYPD detective in a gritty, shot-on-location crime series which apparently spawned Naked City, Cagney & Lacy and NYPD Blue among many other series. This is New York City in the early 50s and apparently crime was the same then as today. Raft as usual is a joy to watch.



Season 1

1The Fight Fix Story1953-02-23                    More info
2The Cowboy And The Blind Man Story1953-02-20                    More info
3The Model Agency Story1953-02-27                    More info
4The Powder Box Smuggling Story1953-03-06                    More info
14O Solo Mio1953-05-15                    More info
15The Truckin Story1953-05-22                    More info
21The Killer1953-07-03                    More info

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