First Aired: June 28th 2009
Status: Continuing
Runtime: 30 minutes

"It's hard to make an indecent living." Thomas Jane heads up the cast in this comedy as Ray Drecker, a middle-aged basketball coach and high school History teacher who figures out how to put his exceptional physical endowments to use and change his fortunes. Forced to find an alternative… More source of income after a series of unfavorable events, Ray takes on a whole new profession aided by his pimp and business partner, Tanya Skagle. Joining Jane and Adams are Men in Trees ' Anne Heche who plays Ray's ex-wife, Jessica and Eddie Jemison as Jessica's new husband, Dr. Ronnie Haxon. Rounding up the series cast are Charlie Saxton and Sianoa Smit-McPhee who play Jessica and Ray's twin children, Damon and Darby. Created by Colette Burson and Dmitry Lipkin , the series is filmed both in areas of Detroit, Michigan and Los Angeles, California.
Anne Heche
Charlie Saxton
Jane Adams
Sianoa Smit-McPhee
Thomas Jane

Hung Season 2 Hbo Red Carpet Premiere

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Season 3

1'Don't Give Up on Detroit' or 'Hung Like a Horse'2011-10-02                    More info               Watch online
2'Take the Cake' or 'Are You Packing?'2011-10-09                    More info               Watch online
3'Mister Drecker' or 'Ease Up on the Whup-Ass'2011-10-16                    More info               Watch online
4'Fuck Me, Mr. Drecker' or 'Let's Not Go to Jail'2011-10-23                    More info               Watch online
5'We're Golden' or 'Crooks and Big Beaver'2011-10-30                    More info               Watch online
6'Money on the Floor'2011-11-06                    More info               Watch online
7'What's Going on Downstairs?' or 'Don't Eat Prince Eric!'2011-11-13                    More info               Watch online
8'I, Sandee' or 'This Sex. Which Is. Not One.'2011-11-20                    More info               Watch online
9'A Monkey Named Simian' or 'Frances is Not a Fan'2011-11-27                    More info               Watch online
10The Whole Beefalo2011-12-22                    More info               Watch online

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