Human Target

First Aired: July 1st 1992
Status: Continuing
Runtime: 60 minutes
Action and adventureDrama

A Vietnam War vet, who has found the meaning of life after years of soul searching, uses state-of-the-art makeup and technology to assume the identity of people in danger, becoming a "human target. Based on the DC Comics character.
Kirk Baltz
Rick Springfield
Sami Chester
Signy Coleman

Stars Human Target Dish On Season 2


Season 1

1Pilot1992-07-20                    More info               Watch online
2Second Chance1992-07-25                    More info               Watch online
3Designed by Chance1992-08-01                    More info               Watch online
4Mirror Image1992-08-08                    More info               Watch online
5Cool Hand Chance1992-08-15                    More info               Watch online
6Going Home1992-08-22                    More info               Watch online
7Chances Are1992-08-29                    More info               Watch online

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