Hotel Babylon

First Aired: January 19th 2006
Status: Ended
Runtime: 60 minutes

This British drama show from the BBC was launched in 2006. It takes us behind the the scenes of a luxurious five-star London hotel, where manager Rebecca Mitchell leads a team whose job is to give a superlative service. What we see is a series of dramas centering on the problems of the rich and the famous, with the hotel's staff always on hand to help - and keen to make a little extra money. The eight episodes of the first series are based on the book Hotel Babylon by Imogen Edwards-Jones and Anonymous - and the unknown joint author is billed as the manager of one of London's leading five-star hotels.
Alexandra Moen
Anna Wilson-Jones
Danira Govic
Dexter Fletcher
Emma Pierson
Lee Williams
Martin Marquez
Max Beesley

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Season 4

1Episode 12009-06-19                    More info               Watch online
2Episode 22009-06-26                    More info               Watch online
3Episode 32009-07-03                    More info               Watch online
4Episode 42009-07-17                    More info               Watch online
5Episode 52009-07-24                    More info               Watch online
6Episode 62009-07-31                    More info               Watch online
7Episode 72009-08-07                    More info               Watch online
8Episode 82009-08-14                    More info               Watch online

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