Hell On Wheels

First Aired: November 6th 2011
Status: Continuing
Runtime: 60 minutes
Action and adventureDramaWestern

Hell on Wheels tells the epic story of post-Civil War America in the 1860s, focusing on a Confederate soldier who is on quest for vengeance. His journey takes him west to 'Hell on Wheels', a dangerous, raucous, lawless melting pot of a town that travels with and services the construction of the first transcontinental railroad.
The series documents the railroad's engineering and construction as well as institutionalized greed and corruption, the immigrant experience, and the plight of newly emancipated African-Americans during Reconstruction. Hell on Wheels chronicles this potent turning point in the nation's history and how uncivilized the business of civilization can be.
Anson Mount
Colm Meaney
Dominique McElligott

Sneak Peek Episode 205 Hell On Wheels Railroad Job
Sneak Peek Episode 204 Hell On Wheels Scabs
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