Haibane Renmei

First Aired: September 9th 2002
Status: Ended
Runtime: 30 minutes

A dream of falling from the sky...and then birth. Rakka is born from a large cocoon into the Old Home, greeted by a group of females with small wings on their backs and shining halos above their heads. Soon Rakka's own wings grow, a halo is placed on her head and she is told that she must work in the nearby town of Grie. She soon realizes that the town and the entire world they live in are confined behind the Wall, a tall, impenetrable wall that none except the mysterious Toga are allowed to exit.
Akiko Yajima
Aya Hisakawa
Carrie Savage
Eri Miyajima
Erika Weinstein
Fumiko Orikasa
Hunter Mackenzie Austin
J-Ray Hochfield

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Season 1

1Cocoon/The Dream of Falling from the Sky/Old Home2002-10-09                    More info               Watch online
2The City and the Wall/Toga/Haibane Renmei2002-10-23                    More info               Watch online
3Temple/Washi/Pancakes2002-11-06                    More info               Watch online
4Trash Day/Clock Tower/Birds That Fly Over the Wall2002-11-13                    More info               Watch online
5Library/Abandoned Factory/The Beginning of the World2002-11-20                    More info               Watch online
6End of Summer/Rain/Loss2002-11-27                    More info               Watch online
7Scars/Sickness/The Coming of Winter2002-11-27                    More info               Watch online
8The Bird2002-12-04                    More info               Watch online
9Well/Rebirth/Pose a Riddle2002-12-04                    More info               Watch online
10Kuramori/The Haibane of the Abandoned Factory/Rakka's Work2002-12-11                    More info               Watch online
11Separation/Darkness of a Heart/Precious Things2002-12-11                    More info               Watch online
12Bell Nuts/The New Year's Festival/Reconciliation2002-12-18                    More info               Watch online
13Reki's World/A Prayer/Epilogue2002-12-18                    More info               Watch online

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