First Aired: May 10th 2010
Status: Ended
Runtime: 65 minutes
Action and adventureDrama

This drama tells the story of three siblings who grew up in the 1970's. Lee Kang Mo, his older brother Sung Mo and younger sister Mi Joo were separated at a young age when their father was killed in a smuggling scheme and their mother also died subsequently. When they are able to reunite years later, they had all reached adulthood and are determined to exact revenge upon the people responsible for their misery.
Lee Bum Soo
Park Jin Hee
Park Sang Min



Season 1

1Episode One2010-05-10                    More info
2Episode Two2010-05-10                    More info
3Episode Three2010-05-11                    More info
4Episode Four2010-05-17                    More info
5Episode Five2010-05-18                    More info
6Episode Six2010-05-24                    More info
7Episode Seven2010-05-25                    More info
8Episode Eight2010-05-31                    More info
9Episode Nine2010-06-01                    More info
10Episode Ten2010-06-07                    More info
11Episode Eleven2010-06-08                    More info
12Episode Twelve2010-06-22                    More info
13Episode Thirteen2010-06-28                    More info
14Episode Fourteen2010-06-29                    More info
15Episode Fifteen2010-07-05                    More info
16Episode Sixteen2010-07-06                    More info
17Episode Seventeen2010-07-12                    More info
18Episode Eighteen2010-07-13                    More info
19Episode Nineteen2010-07-19                    More info
20Episode Twenty2010-07-20                    More info
21Episode Twenty-one2010-07-26                    More info
22Episode Twenty-two2010-07-27                    More info
23Episode Twenty-three2010-08-02                    More info
24Episode Twenty-four2010-08-03                    More info
25Episode Twenty-five2010-08-09                    More info
26Episode Twenty-six2010-08-10                    More info
27Episode Twenty-seven2010-08-16                    More info
28Episode Twenty-eight2010-08-17                    More info
29Episode Twenty-nine2010-08-23                    More info
30Episode Thirty2010-08-24                    More info
31Episode Thirty-one2010-08-30                    More info
32Episode Thirty-two2010-08-31                    More info
33Episode Thirty-three2010-09-06                    More info
34Episode Thirty-four2010-09-07                    More info
35Episode Thirty-five2010-09-13                    More info
36Episode Thirty-six2010-09-14                    More info
37Episode Thirty-seven2010-09-20                    More info
38Episode Thirty-eight2010-09-21                    More info
39Episode Thirty-nine2010-09-27                    More info
40Episode Fourty2010-09-28                    More info
41Episode Fourty-one2010-10-04                    More info
42Episode Fourty-two2010-10-05                    More info
43Episode Fourty-three2010-10-11                    More info
44Episode Fourty-four2010-10-12                    More info
45Episode Fourty-five2010-10-18                    More info
46Episode Fourty-six2010-10-19                    More info
47Episode Fourty-seven2010-10-25                    More info
48Episode Fourty-eight2010-10-26                    More info
49Episode Fourty-nine2010-11-01                    More info
50Episode Fifty2010-11-02                    More info
51Episode Fifty-one2010-11-08                    More info
52Episode Fifty-two2010-11-09                    More info
53Episode Fifty-three2010-11-15                    More info
54Episode Fifty-four2010-11-16                    More info
55Episode Fifty-five2010-11-22                    More info
56Episode Fifty-six2010-11-23                    More info
57Episode Fifty-seven2010-11-29                    More info
58Episode Fifty-eight2010-11-30                    More info
59Episode Fifty-nine2010-12-06                    More info
60Episode Sixty2010-12-07                    More info

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