Fresh from the Garden

First Aired: January 1st 1970
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Season 1

1Garden Beginnings                                         More info
2Building Garden Beds                                         More info
3Planting Sweet Corn                                         More info
4Summer Squash                                         More info
5Watermelons and Okra                                         More info
6Peas & Themed Container Garden                                         More info
7Winter Squash                                         More info
8Sweet Potatoes                                         More info
9Compost Bins and Accessories                                         More info
10Tantalizing Tomatoes                                         More info
11Beans: Better than Ever                                         More info
12Peppers and Eggplant                                         More info
13Cold Frames and Greenhouses                                         More info
14Cucumbers and Herbs                                         More info
15Cauliflower & Brussels Sprouts                                         More info
16Broccoli and Cabbage                                         More info
17Growing Greens                                         More info
18Kale and Rutabaga                                         More info
19First-Class Carrots                                         More info
20Mulch and Irrigation                                         More info
21Planting Lettuce                                         More info
22Planting Parsnips and Radishes                                         More info
23Community Garden                                         More info
24Onions and Shallots                                         More info
25Sensational Spinach                                         More info
26Winter Garden Prep                                         More info

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