Forbrydelsen II

First Aired: September 27th 2009
Status: Continuing
Runtime: 60 minutes
DramaDetectivePolice procedural

Show's first section takes its source in the murder of a female lawyer who is found beaten and killed. 10 days after the murder the chief of homicide Lennart Brix get's convinced that it is not an ordinary case and therefore will try to get Sarah Lund back, in the hope that she can hasten the solution. Sarah Lund is moved to the province, where she works as a policeofficer after she was demoted from her position as deputy commissioner in crime. Sarah Lund is not enthusiastic about the proposal and believes that it is not a good idea to return, but agrees to look the matter over.
Sofie Gråbøl



Season 1

1Monday, November 142009-09-27                    More info
2Tuesday, November 152009-10-04                    More info
3Wednesday, November 162009-10-11                    More info
4Thursday, November 172009-10-18                    More info
5Friday, November 182009-10-25                    More info
6Saturday, November 192009-11-01                    More info
7Sunday, November 202009-11-08                    More info
8Monday, November 212009-11-15                    More info
9Tuesday, November 222009-11-22                    More info
10Thursday, November 242009-11-29                    More info

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