Fleksnes Fataliteter

First Aired: November 22nd 1972
Status: Ended
Runtime: 30 minutes

Fleksnes Fataliteter is by far the most popular Scandinavian sitcom in history with a huge number of fans in both Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The show was mainly an adaption of the British series Hancock's Half Hour.
Aud Schønemann
Rolv Wesenlund



Season 6

0                                         More info
0                                         More info
1Ja da - vi elsker! 1988-09-03                    More info
2Her har jeg mitt liv                                         More info
3Blodgiveren '88                                         More info
4Ensom '88                                         More info
5På topp-planet '88                                         More info
6Rotbløyte '88                                         More info
7Radioten '88                                         More info
8Det går alltid et tog - ta plass! '88                                         More info
9Høyt henger vi '88                                         More info
10En siste sjanse                                         More info
11Morderen Som Forsvant1997-01-02                    More info
13Himmelen kan vente2002-01-02                    More info

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