First Aired: October 10th 2011
Status: Continuing
Runtime: 30 minutes
ComedyCorporate environmentPsychological disorders

Enlightened follows the story of Amy, a self-destructive executive, who, after a very public breakdown and a subsequent philosophical awakening in rehabilitation, tries to get her life back together.
Diane Ladd
James McMann
Jason Mantzoukas
Laura Dern
Luke Wilson
Mike White
Mikey Kelch
Timm Sharp

Enlightened Season 1 Invitation Set
Enlightened Season 1 Trailer



Season 2

1The Key2013-01-13                    More info               Watch online
2Revenge Play2013-01-20                    More info               Watch online
3Higher Power2013-01-27                    More info               Watch online
4Follow Me2013-02-02                    More info               Watch online
5The Ghost is Seen2013-02-10                    More info               Watch online
6All I Ever Wanted2013-02-17                    More info               Watch online
7No Doubt2013-02-24                    More info               Watch online
8Agent of Change2013-03-03                    More info               Watch online

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