First Aired: November 15th 2010
Status: Continuing
Runtime: 25 minutes
ComedyEdge of societyPsychological disorders

Seven-part comedy series about Walter Duts, an eccentric man who since the death of his mother lives alone in the parental home. Although his somewhat strange appearance, Walter wouldn't hurt a fly and leads a quiet life. He is at peace with himself. But he isn't that much at peace with the rest of the world. The peace in the life of Duts is disturbed by his difficult relationship with the outside world, that responses nervously, irritable and biased toward Walter. Yet, Walter never falls victim to all this aggression. Ultimately it are the others who suffer.



Season 1

1Jinseng2010-11-15                    More info
2Bulgaarse Wijnen2010-11-22                    More info
3Lentekriebels2010-11-29                    More info
4Hold up2010-12-06                    More info
5De psychiater2010-12-13                    More info
6De nieuwe buurman2010-12-20                    More info
7Walters verjaardagsfeest2010-12-27                    More info

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