Doctor Who (2009)

First Aired: September 4th 2009
Status: Continuing
Runtime: 70 minutes
FantasyScience-fictionClassical antiquityAction and adventure

Doctor Who 2009 is a non-profit making series of short fan films celebrating the BBC TV series Doctor Who. Join the adventure, with a brand new series of 13 episodes for the Doctor, in this exciting new fan project.

Magicians Apprentice Trailer Series 9 Episode 1 Doctor Who
Doctor Who Ep 11 Sneak Peek Dark Water
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Season 1

1Fire and Ice2009-09-04                    More info               Watch online
2The Guardian of the Solar System                                         More info
3Arachnophobic                                         More info
4SOS/Into the Deep                                         More info
5The Dawntimer                                         More info
6HerStory                                         More info
7HisStory                                         More info
8The Ripper (1 of 2)                                         More info

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