Digimon: Digital Monsters

First Aired: August 1st 1999
Status: Ended
Runtime: 30 minutes
AnimationAction and adventureChildrenComradeshipAnime

"Digimon" are "Digital Monsters". According to the stories, they are inhabitants of the "Digital World", a manifestation of Earth's communication network. The stories tell of a group of mostly pre-teens, the "Chosen Children" (DigiDestined in the English version), who accompany special Digimon born to defend their world (and ours) from various evil forces. To help them surmount the most difficult obstacles found within both realms, the Digimon have the ability to evolve (Digivolve). In this process, the Digimon change appearance and become much stronger, often changing in personality as well. The group of children who come in contact with the Digital World changes from season to season.
Ai Maeda
Anna Garduno
Brianne Siddall
Chika Sakamoto
Imai Yuka
Ishige Sawa
Jeff Nimoy
Joshua Seth

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Season 5

1There Are Monsters Among Us2006-04-02                    More info
2Marcus' Inner Strength2006-04-09                    More info
3The Return of Thomas!2006-04-16                    More info
4The New Team of Marcus and Thomas!2006-04-23                    More info
5Digital World, Here We Come!2006-04-30                    More info
6The Ultimate Team No More?2006-05-07                    More info
7A Birthday Kristy Will Never Forget!2006-05-14                    More info
8The Singer's Secret2006-05-21                    More info
9Never Meet Your Heroes2006-05-28                    More info
10Curse This Curse (Marcus's Bad Day)2006-06-04                    More info
11The Vile of Vilemon!2006-06-18                    More info
12The Digi-egg That Fell to Earth2006-06-25                    More info
13The Rise of RiseGreymon2006-07-02                    More info
14The Wild Boy of the Digital World2006-07-09                    More info
15The Gorge of Deception!2006-07-23                    More info
16Falcomon - Friend or Foe?2006-07-30                    More info
17The Singing Voice that Calls Upon a Miracle - The Lilamon Evolution2006-08-06                    More info
18The DATS Team Annihilated?! Clash, Mercurimon2006-08-13                    More info
19The Target is Ikuto!? Gotsumon's Plot2006-08-20                    More info
20Rescue Mother, Ikuto - Hagurumon's Cage2006-08-27                    More info
21Big Panic in the Human World - The Digimon Army Advances2006-09-03                    More info
22Defeat the Ultimate Level! The Anger Wave of Saber Leomon2006-09-10                    More info
23Once More, To the Digital World - Insekimon's Great Rampage2006-09-17                    More info
24The Revealed Past - Heartless! Gizmon: AT2006-09-24                    More info
25Smash Kurata's Ambition - Flight, Yatagaramon2006-10-01                    More info
26Masaru's Memory is Erased - The Lost Bond2006-10-08                    More info
27Chase Kurata - The Operation of Digimon Extermination Begins!2006-10-15                    More info
28Evolution is Impossible! The Digivices Break Down2006-10-22                    More info
29Resurrecting Digivices - A New Brilliance2006-10-29                    More info
30An Imprisoned Masaru - The Holy City's Trap2006-11-05                    More info
31Genius Showdown! Tohma vs. Nanami2006-11-12                    More info
32Fiercely Attack Kurata's Army Corps - Protect the Holy Capitol2006-11-19                    More info
33The Final Decisive Battle! Kouki, Ultimate Evolution2006-11-26                    More info
34The Day of Parting - The Strongest Enemy: Tohma!2006-12-03                    More info
35The Power of Destruction - ShineGreymon Runs Wild2006-12-10                    More info
36Demon Lord Belphemon Revives2006-12-17                    More info
37Awake, Agumon - Defeat Belphemon!2006-12-24                    More info
38Burst Mode - The Power that Exceeds Ultimate2007-01-07                    More info
39Human World Terminated! Yggdrasil's Decision2007-01-14                    More info
40The Strongest Order of Knights - The Royal Knights Gather2007-01-21                    More info
41Confirm it with a Fist! Thoughts of My Father2007-01-28                    More info
42The Burst Mode of Tohma's Determination2007-02-04                    More info
43Indeed Strength is Justice! Beast Knight Duftmon2007-02-11                    More info
44Break! Craniummon's Strongest Shield2007-02-25                    More info
45The One-on-One Match Between Men! Masaru vs. Suguru2007-03-04                    More info
46Impact! The Truth About Bantyo Leomon2007-03-11                    More info
47Protect the Future! DATS' Final Battle2007-03-18                    More info
48A Complete Conclusion! Farewell, the Leader of Fights2007-03-25                    More info

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