Digimon Xros Wars

First Aired: July 6th 2010
Status: Continuing
Runtime: 25 minutes

Taiki Kudo is an upbeat boy with a desire to help those in need, although he tends to overexert himself. One day, he hears the voice of a Digimon named Shoutmon who is on the verge of death. Wanting to help him, Taiki is given a Digivice known as a Xros Loader, and he and his friends Akari Hinomoto and Zenjiro Tsurugi are warped to the Digital World where they meet Shoutmon and his allies, Ballistamon, Starmon and the Pickmons. By using the power of the Xros Loader, Taiki can perform a DigiXros, which can fuse any of his allies together into different forms. Taiki and his friends use this ability to fight the forces of the Bagura Empire while crossing paths with teams Blue Flare and Twilight.



Season 2

1We Are, Digimon Hunters!2011-10-02                    More info
2The Students Disappear! The Wavering Shadow of Sagomon2011-10-09                    More info
3Robot Club's Dream, Pinocchimon's Enticement2011-10-16                    More info
4The Targeted Honor Student! Blossomon's smile2011-10-23                    More info
5Cuteness Causion! Cute Hunter, Airu's Trap!2011-10-30                    More info
6Digimon Kendo Match! Approaching the Blade of Kotemon!2011-11-06                    More info
7The Okonomiyaki Panic! The Town Full of Pagumon2011-11-13                    More info
8Thriving Digimon Hunt! The Shopping District's Remarkable Hunter!2011-11-20                    More info
9Taiki Is Targeted! The Super Celebrity Star's Brave Shout!2011-11-27                    More info
10Going to Hong Kong! Protect the Super Beauty Idol!!2011-12-04                    More info
11Tagiru Goes Weak?! Gumdramon in Big Trouble!!2011-12-11                    More info
12Delicious? Disgusting? Digimon, Ramen Showdown!2011-12-18                    More info
13The World Trip for Children Only! The Dream Digimon Train2011-12-25                    More info
14Hunter's Big Gathering! Digimon Competition in the Southern Island!2012-01-08                    More info
15Want Friends? Phelesmon, the Devil's Promise2012-01-15                    More info
16Doki Doki Horror Experience! The Spirit Hunter Roars!!2012-01-22                    More info
17Resembles? Not at all? The Masquerading Phantom Thief Betsumon2012-01-29                    More info
18UFO·The Great Dinosaur Gathering! Ekakimon of Dream2012-02-05                    More info
19Big Adventure under the Sea! Find the Treasure Digimon of Dreams!2012-02-12                    More info
20Rare Card Vanished! The Invincible RookChessmon2012-02-19                    More info
21The Amusement Park of Dreams, Digimon Land!2012-02-26                    More info
22The Golden Insect! The Mysterious MetallifeKuwagamon2012-03-04                    More info
23It's Revealed Now! The Secret of Digimon Hunt2012-03-11                    More info
24Assembly Of Legendary Heroes! Final Battle Of The Digimon All-Stars!!2012-03-18                    More info
25Now Burn Up Tagiru! The Glorious Digimon Hunt!2012-03-25                    More info

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