Death Battle!

First Aired: December 7th 2010
Status: Continuing
Runtime: 10 minutes
ComedySpecial Interest

DEATH BATTLE! places two or more characters from pop culture in an all out, no-holds barred slugfest to the death. Who will survive? What weapons will be used? How much blood will be spilled? DEATH BATTLE! has the answers.



Season 4

1Lara Croft VS Nathan Drake2017-02-01                    More info
2Scrooge McDuck VS Shovel Knight2017-03-01                    More info
3Venom VS Bane2017-03-22                    More info
4Power Rangers VS Voltron2017-04-12                    More info
5Natsu VS Ace2017-05-03                    More info
6Sub-Zero VS Glacius2017-05-24                    More info
7Android 18 VS Captain Marvel2017-06-14                    More info
8Metal Sonic VS Zero2017-07-05                    More info
9Lucario VS Renamon2017-07-26                    More info
10Balrog VS TJ Combo2017-08-16                    More info
11Shredder VS Silver Samurai2017-09-06                    More info
12Smokey Bear VS McGruff the Crime Dog2017-09-27                    More info
13Thor VS Wonder Woman2017-10-18                    More info
14Naruto VS Ichigo2017-11-08                    More info

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