Dad's Army

First Aired: July 31st 1968
Status: Ended
Runtime: 30 minutes

Intoducing the Walmington-On-Sea home guard, a bunch of hapless old and young men who have kept people all over the world very amused for the past thirty seven years. Creator/Writers David Croft and Jimmy Perry made each episode of Dad's Army as funny as the previous one, with an element of humour which has survived decades. It has the most memorable catch phrases of any sitcom and due to our fondness of it, it's probably the most re-run show ever. The BBC keep an episode of it queued up incase of a fault at TV centre and it even successfully invaded the big screen with a memorable, well loved Dad's Army feature film made by Columbia pictures.
Arnold Ridley
Arthur Lowe
Clive Dunn
Ian Lavender
James Beck
John Laurie
John Le Mesurier

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Season 9

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