Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior

First Aired: February 16th 2011
Status: Continuing
Runtime: 60 minutes
Action and adventureCrimeSerial killerPsychological disordersDeathDetectiveThriller

Forest Whitaker in a drama about an elite team of agents within the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) who use unconventional methods of investigation and aggressive tactics to capture the nation's most nefarious criminals. Unit chief Special Agent Sam Cooper is a mentally and physically fierce natural leader who is not afraid to put his career on the line in order to stand by his convictions. Cooper strives to avoid political bureaucracy and has handpicked an eclectic group of profilers to work outside the confines of Quantico. They include strong-willed and outspoken Beth Griffith, the newest member of the team who joins them from the FBI Threat Assessment Task Force; former British Special Forces soldier Mick Rawson, who is confident and handsome and works as a highly skilled marksman with an undiluted eye for rooting out evil; John "Prophet" Sims, a former convict with a street-smart edge and a calm, Zen-like presence, who is determined to make amends for past sins; Gina LaSalle, an attractive, tough agent armed with a cunning sense of perception; and Penelope Garcia, a computer wizard who has spent years aiding the BAU on its toughest cases. This exceptional group of FBI operatives is strong in their beliefs and steadfast in their mission to bring the country's most dangerous criminals to justice.
Beau Garrett
Forest Whitaker
Janeane Garofalo
Matt Ryan
Michael Kelly

Criminal Minds Season 5 Special Feature Case Files Subjects Unknown


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