Bounen no Xamdou

First Aired: July 15th 2008
Status: Ended
Runtime: 25 minutes
AnimationScience-fictionAnimeAction and adventureDrama

Akiyuki and his mother live on Sentan Island – a small island surrounded by a sea of oil mud. Sentan Island has been affiliated with the Southern Continent Free Trade Regions since the war 70 years ago. His father is living separately, managing a small hospital alone. One day, when Akiyuki is on his way to school with his friends Haru and Furuichi, they are caught in a bombing incident. When Akiyuki is exposed to the light of the blast, he turns into a monster called Xamdou. Having lost himself and rampaging around, Nakiami, a red haired foreign girl, appears. Nakiami calms him down and takes him to the Zambani, an international postal ship. Since then, in order to control the power of Xamdou and to return to Sentan Island, he has been traveling around the world with his friends on the Zambani.


Season 1

1Xam`d at the Dawn of War                                         More info
2Blackout on Sentan Island                                         More info
3The Way to Freedom                                         More info
4Enlightenment                                         More info
5Shattered Bonds                                         More info
6Live Fire                                         More info
7Guardians of Stone                                         More info
8Showdown at Tsumebara Pass                                         More info
9The Astonishing Raigyo                                         More info
10Moving On                                         More info
11Assault: The Zanbani                                         More info
12Flowers Blooming in the Dark                                         More info
13Running Barefoot                                         More info
14Cerulean Skies                                         More info
15Souls at Peace                                         More info
16Burning in Our Wake                                         More info
17Lambs to the Altar                                         More info
18What Can you See From There?                                         More info
19Sudden Outbreak: Romance Flowers Bloom                                         More info
20Watered With Tears                                         More info
21Sanctuary Breached                                         More info
22Tojiro and Ryuzo                                         More info
23Hiruken Emperor Born                                         More info
24Voices From Beyond2009-01-21                    More info
25Nakiami and Sannova2009-01-28                    More info
26The Great Rock and the Girl2009-02-04                    More info

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